“Getaway Car” Playlist

    Whenever I work on a screenplay I put together a playlist of songs that suggest the mood of the film. They aren’t necessarily songs I hope wind up on the soundtrack if the film ever gets made but playing them while I write helps to maintain the tone I’m looking for in the story. After finishing a TV Pilot that took me forever to finish I’m now back to work on a bank heist film I’ve been thinking about for years. “Getaway Car” began with an idea about a novel twist to an epic car chase. Many years ago I heard William Friedkin say that it takes him years to come up with a new idea for a car chase to join the famous car chases he directed in “The French Connection” and “To Live and Die in L.A.” So I thought long and hard about a new way to add emotional impact to a chase and the idea was actually inspired from something that happened in my own life.

    That’s all I’ll give away about the film for now, except to say that the protagonist is in a very bleak, cynical place in his life and I searched for the darkest, heaviest but also melodically and rythmically exciting songs I could find. Here’s the playlist:

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