Scary Monsters: Comics for Halloween

    Two brilliant recent graphic novels about monsters.

    Published earlier this year, Barry Windsor-Smith has been working on this graphic novel for 35 years and met with instant acclaim.

    “The inordinately talented East London-born 71-year-old artist is both the Michelangelo and Leonardo of the comics world.” — Jason Rosenfeld (read review)

    “For 365 large-format, black-and-white pages, Windsor-Smith conveys gruesome body horror and tender family scenes, nightmarish doom and quiet moments of connection. … [The artist] feverishly traces the roots of a single violent act backward and forward in time, across generations and nations and the border of life and death itself.” — The New York Times

    “One of comics’ great literary epics, a masterpiece of story and art and a generous, unexpected gift from a legendary creator in total command of his craft.” — Forbes

    “Windsor-Smith uses this vast canvas to explore wide-ranging questions about the nature of humanity and the scope of individual responsibility.” — NPR Books

    “Brilliant. A great, grim 365-page slab of postwar angst… forcefully told and thoroughly affecting.” — The Guardian

    “Achingly good, epically scaled, and impeccably designed, Monsters will leave you changed.” — The Paris Review

    A 10-year-old girl tries to solve a murder in this critically-acclaimed 2017 graphic novel.

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