Restored “My Heart Is That Eternal Rose” at Metrograph

    Beginning this Thursday, March 22, NYC’s Metrograph Theater is presenting a restored version of “My Heart Is That Eternal Rose,” an important and influential 1989 Hong Kong action film. Go here for more details and ticket information. The film is directed by Patrick Tam, who began directing and editing films in 1980. He is regarded as the mentor of the great Wong Kar-Wai, and edited...

    “Resynator” Reconnects Daughter with Synth-Innovator Dad (SXSW)

    Alison Tavel had worked as a touring crew member for musicians Grace Potter, Beck, and Jenny Lewis and directed a handful of music videos ,when in her mid-twenties she decided to find out more about her late dad, who died just weeks after her birth. Don Tavel, she had been told, had invented the synthesizer! Her first discovery was that, no, Robert Moog is...

    Miklós Jancsó Retrospective at Metrograph Theater

    In 2020 six of Jancsó’s films were restored by the Hungarian National Film Archive and they begin a theatrical run at New York City’s Metrograph theater January 14.

    Top 10 Mystery Novels: Oct. 18, 2021

    Here are the top ten bestselling mystery novels for this week, according to Publishers Weekly.

    Scary Monsters: Comics for Halloween

    Two brilliant recent graphic novels about monsters. Published earlier this year, Barry Windsor-Smith has been working on this graphic novel for 35 years and met...

    Night Vision Goggles

    Every spy and detective could  benefit from a good pair of night vision goggles. There are some very expensive ones out there but this...