“Free Palestine” by Changing Your Media Diet

    If you are a daily viewer of left progressive media, “Breaking Points” or “Democracy Now!”--just to name a couple, you know what is really happening in Gaza now. If you watch MSNBC, CNN or FOX–you don’t. You can correct this mistake right now by changing your media diet. You can also watch some excellent lectures, interviews and documentaries for free on YouTube. I recommend these. “Al-Nakba:...

    “Shelf Life” at Tribeca 2024

    When Americans think of cheese it is usually cheese burgers or those horrible cellulose “cheesy poofs” beloved by Cartman in “South Park.” Orange, mild slices of Kraft American cheese. Cheese balls. Mac and cheese. (I am the rare person who isn’t infatuated with that beloved comfort food.) “In 2022, the average consumer in the United States ate about 41.8 pounds of cheese. Over the...

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