“Onlookers” at Metrograph

    Long ago when I had a swell corporate job many of my coworkers would take short overseas vacations. (The joke was that it gave you an excuse to not respond to work-related cellphone calls!) But going to Thailand or a Mexican resort for just a few days sounded more tiring than fun to me. I’ve always thought that being able to live for at...

    “Family Portrait: Japanese Family in Flux” series, Feb. 15-24

    NYC’s Japan Society is presenting the 8th edition of its ACA (Agency for Cultural Affairs) Cinema Project this week. The series, which runs from February 15-24, is being called "Family Portrait: Japanese Family in Flux.” Go here for more information and tickets. Domestic dramas have always been popular in Japanese Cinema and many of the greatest Japanese directors have worked in the genre called shōshimin-eiga,...


    I remember the day in my freshman year of college when I discovered the work of Jean-Luc Godard. I gathered up all the change...

    Top 10 Mystery Novels: Oct. 18, 2021

    Here are the top ten bestselling mystery novels for this week, according to Publishers Weekly.