“Fanny: The Right To Rock” Airs on PBS May 22

    I remember buying Suzie Quatro’s first album in 1973. It had great songs like “48 Crash” and “Can the Can” but knowing nothing about her I mainly bought it because of the sex appeal of the cover photo. Quatro was wearing jeans, a leather jacket and stared into the camera with piercing confidence as the other members of the band (all male) cut up...

    Old School Kung Fu Festival at the Metrograph

    The 10th anniversary of The Old School Kung Fu Festival begins this Friday, April 21 at the NYC's Metrograph Theater. The annual event is co-presented by Subway Cinema, a New York non-profit dedicated to the exhibition and appreciation of Asian popular cinema. Go here for more information and tickets. This year’s festival focuses on Kung Fu films from Taiwan, particularly Taiwanese wuxia (sword fighting hero)...

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