DOC NYC 2023 Part 1: Social Issue Docs & “The Smell of Money”

    This year’s DOC NYC, the biggest documentary film festival in the U.S., didn’t have as many blockbuster docs as last year (“The Beauty and the Bloodshed,” for example) or as many films about the arts (my own favorite doc sub-genre) but, as usual, the slate was huge (over 100 films) and full of insightful and piercing examinations of social and cultural issues in this...

    “Waikiki” at Regal Union Square Oct. 27

    A friend of mine used to always observe that if he ever visited Hawaii he'd probably never leave. After watching Christopher Kahunahana's indie feature "Waikiki" he might reconsider. Instead of the natural splendor one associates with this neighborhood of Honolulu, "Waikiki" depicts a space filled with the constant and irritating noise of high rise construction, a beach threatened by erosion and a neighborhood favored...

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